Civic and Community Action

Catholics making their voice heardIn the Letter of James, we read "Anyone who listens to the Word and takes no action is like someone who looks at his own features in a mirror and once he has seen what he looks like , goes off and immediately forgets it.  But anyone who looks steadily at the perfect law of freedom and keeps to it -- not listening and then forgetting, but putting it into practice -- will be blessed in every undertaking."

Taking action comes in many form.  It may be personal acts of character, love and sacrifice.  It may be works of kindness and charity toward those in need.  It may be through active involvement in the Church, at the Parish level and beyond.  It may also, from time to time, involve taking action or speaking out in the civic and community realms. 

The Church avoids narrowly political issues, but encourages people of faith to let our representatives know your viewpoints.  In America, we are fortunate that "freedom of religion" protects our rights.  Here a link to the Ventura County Star's list of address, phone and email links to communicate with our elected officials on matters bearing on peace, life and social justice:

Where to write, phone or email your elected representatives