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The purpose of the San Buenaventura Mission Children's Religious Education Program is to assist parents of the parish to "hand on the Faith" to their children. Parents are the first educators of their children. Therefore, we encourage parents to actively share their Catholic faith and beliefs with their children. The Religious Education Program is meant only to help supplement the formation that the children are receiving in their home .

With this understanding, we invite parents of the parish to register their children in the Religious Education Program for a nine-month period, which consists of one and a half hours of sessions.

To download the Parish Registration form click here.

Please bring the Parish Registration for (above) completed to the Parish Office or the Religious Education Office. Annual registrations take place mid-August following all the weekend Masses. Classes are held on Saturdays and begin the Saturday following Labor Day in September and conclude mid-May of the following year.

The total number of sessions for the nine months is only 27. Therefore, we stress the importance of regular attendance and being on time for class in order for the children to learn consistency and discipline. Also, because of the limited number of sessions, regular attendance is necessary for the children to receive proper and sufficient religious education. Let us give the children the best opportunity to come to know and love God through catechesis.

The Religious Education Program consists of people of the parish giving freely of their time and of themselves to serve as catechists (teachers of the faith) and helpers because of their love for God and His children. Many of our catechists and helpers have volunteered hours and hours every year.

Who are these "teachers of the faith?" They are adults who have accepted the call to share God's love with the young and the challenge to pass on what they themselves are learning of our Catholic faith. There is so much to learn of God and his love! We are never too old to learn nor can we ever know enough! We heartily INVITE ANY PARENT who would like to join our team of catechists and helpers -- please call the Office of Religious Education -- 643-4318. We will utilize your talents and also give you training.

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