Parish Life

Parish Life

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Mission San Buenaventura is a parish rich in Catholic heritage called to "go forward" in worship to spread God's Word through compassionate service.

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Founded in 1782, the San Buenaventura Mission is the 9th and last mission founded by blessed Junipero Serra. Named after St. Bonaventure it is known as the "Mission by the sea".

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Visitor Information

Visitor Information

The Old Mission welcomes visitors from sunrise until sunset.  Known for its beautiful gardens and faithfully restored artifacts the mission is a always an experience to visit.  Tours available daily.

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From the desk of Fr. Tom

The faith community of San Buenaventura Mission welcomes all who visit our historic Mission andRev. Thomas J. Elewaut 86 who join us in our liturgical celebrations. Visitors are welcomed in a special way at Sunday Mass and receive a remembrance prayer card.  All are welcome at the Mission.

One of the latest viral social media trends is the "Ice Bucket Challenge" which is a campaign aimed at raising funds for and awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. Countless individuals, athletes, celebrities and more have posted a video of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads on social media.

While the intention of this campaign is commendable, and the effect of the disease, truly tragic, it has been noted that the Ice Bucket challenge poses some moral issues for Catholics. The crux of the dilemma is that the money being raised goes to the ALSA, which funds Embryonic Stem Cells research which entails killing the embryo...essentially aborting a potential life.


The Church is an advocate of Stem Cell Research within limits. "One must hold as licit procedures carried out on the human embryo which respect the life and integrity of the embryo and do not involve disproportionate risks for it, but are directed toward its healing the improvement of its condition of health, or its individual survival." The Church raises a legitimate objection when the source of stem cells are embryos, either created or unused for in-vitro pregnancy (which the Church opposes as well), or created for the specific purpose of research. CCC#2275 Therefore, "It is immoral to produce human embryos intended for exploitation as disposable biological material." CCC#2275


So before participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, consider finding a morally acceptable alternative such as the John Paul II Medical Research Institute. The John Paul II Medical Research Institute legitimately and morally seeks the process of developing adult stem cell therapies that focus on regenerative medicine in which adult stem cells will be used to treat patients with chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes.


The John Paul II Medical Research Institute has the support and endorsement Catholic Bishops. In the past year the Institute has partnered with the Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin Knights of Columbus and has reached out to the State Deputies from all 50 states to inform them about the Institute's important work. Thanks to financial support from the local Knights and private donors, the Institute has raised funding in 2013 to advance adult stem cell research and that research has resulted in important developments.


Besides its emphasis on pro-life ethical standards, a key feature that sets the Institute apart from the more well-known and larger nationally based not-for-profit medical foundations is that a majority of dollars donated are directly used by the Institute to further scientific research and not simply expended for administrative fees or non-research activities. Another differentiating feature of JP2MRI is that focus on research that will not only help people in the future, but will help patients now.


So consider taking the Ice Bucket Challenge and donating your funds to a morally acceptable cause sanctions by the Catholic Church. Donations can be made payable to: John Paul II Medical Research Institute, 540 E. Jefferson St., Suite 305, Iowa City, IA 52245 (source: UCatholic)



To learn more about our parish ministries please review our Ministry Opportunities Booklet.

Help sustain the legacy of our historic Mission:  please remember San Buenaventura Mission in your will or estate planning.

"Siempre Adelante: United in the love of God as a Mission Family."

Fiscal Year Financial Update

July 1 marked the beginning of a new fiscal year for San Buenaventura Mission in terms of financial management. We ended the 2103-14 year on a relatively positive note with regard to the overall finances of the Mission, Gift Shop and Holy Cross School. Relative is a term that must be explained, in that in the past several years the Mission and its partners were challenged to make ends meets. A number of the maintenance requirements in the church itself and the adjacent garden were left undone.

During this past year, we have had the benefit of some very generous donors that allowed for some of those delays to be addressed. The grotto area was completely redone with flagstone and the St. Joseph statue was installed to complete the three sides of the viewing area.

The 1929 Austin Pipe Organ was totally refurbished and is again heard at the 7:30 AM Sunday Mass and will be played at both the 7:30 and 9:00 AM Masses once a month (personnel operating costs preclude expanding the playing beyond that schedule). The altar steps in the church were restored to its original configuration. The St. John statue was completely restored as well as the St. Bonaventura statue now fully funded and expected to be returned to the Mission by mid-August.

Online giving was initiated this past year. Unfortunately it was not as well used as had been hoped. We encourage all parishioners to consider using this paperless system for regular contributions. You can enroll by going to the Mission webpage ( and scroll down to the green "online giving" button on the right hand side and follow the easy instructions.

The current year's budget is based on a contribution rate of $9,000 each increase of $52,000 for the year. This amount is necessary to keep up with the costs of operating the Mission and maintaining its facilities. Our hope is that you see and feel the benefits of the Mission's activities and participate in meeting our financial needs. More information regarding the Mission's finances will be presented at Masses in the near future.

01 de julio marcó el inicio de un nuevo año para la Misión de San Buenaventura en materia de gestión financiera. Terminamos el 2103-2014 con una nota relativamente positiva con respecto a las finanzas generales de la Misión, Tienda de regalos y de la escuela Holy Cross. Relativo es un término que debe ser explicado ya que en los últimos años la Misión y sus asociados se enfrentan al reto de hacer que las metas se cumplan. Un gran número de obras de mantenimiento que Algunos de los requisitos de mantenimiento de la propia iglesia y el jardín y de las aéreas adyacentes se dejaron sin hacer.

Durante este año, hemos contado con la generosa donación de algu- nos amigos de la misión de san Buenaventura y gracias a ellos, la zona de la gruta ha sido completamente remodelada y la estatua de San José se instaló para completar los tres lados del área de visual- ización.

El Organo de tubos "Austin Pipe Organ" de 1929 ha sido totalmente reparada, usted podra disfrutar de la musica durante las misas de 7:30 y 9:00 am una vez al mes. (gastos de personal que lo operan imposibilitan expandir el tiempo de desempeño más allá de ese horario ). Asimismo, El altar de la iglesia ha sido restaurado a su estado original. La estatua de San Juan también ha sido restaurada y se inició el proyecto para la restauración de la estatua de St. Bonaventura la cual se financiara en su totalidad con donaciones y sera devuelto a la Misión antes de que finalice el agusto.

Las donaciones en línea se iniciarón el año pasado. Lamentable- mente no está dando los resultados esperados. Animamos a todos los feligreses a considerar el uso de este sistema "no papel " en las contribuciones regulares. Usted puede inscribirse, para hacerlo simplemente vaya a la página web de la Misión (www.sanbue- y dele click en el espacio en verde "online giving" al lado derecho y siga las instrucciones.

El presupuesto del año en curso se basa en una tasa de contribución de $9.000 cada Domingo — un aumento de $52.000 para el año. Esta cantidad es necesaria para mantener al día los gastos de operación de la Misión y el mantenimiento de sus instalaciones. Nuestra esperanza es que usted vea y sienta los beneficios de las actividades de la Misión y a su vez participe en ayudar con las necesidades financieras. Más información sobre las finanzas de la Misión se presentarán en las Misas periodicamente.

Archbishop Gomez launches App Virtual Community to Save Lives

Archbishop José H. Gomez, joined by health leaders, mothers and babies, launched a digital App designed to offer prayers, resources and support for thousands of women and girls nationwide in crisis pregnancies. The launch coincides with the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

"Today we are taking a big step to expand our circle of care and concern for unborn children and their mothers," said Archbishop Gomez. "Through this App we are launching today, we are creating a network of prayer and practical support to help women facing crisis pregnancies. This App will also engage Catholics and others, especially our young people, in the great spiritual work of praying and building a true culture of life here in Los Angeles and throughout our nation."

The Archdiocese's Office of Life, Justice and Peace has partnered with Options United, a Pasadena-based nonprofit, on the App available on smartphones and iPads by visiting

The Options United App lists services such as free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and post-abortion healing. App users, including friends and relatives of expectant mothers, are also just a click away to send a call for prayers to support pregnant women and girls in their decisions.

At the press event, Archbishop Gomez launched the App by sharing the App through his Facebook page and asking followers to join the virtual community and share the App with their family and friends.

Archbishop Gomez was joined by Jaime Hernandez, President of Manto de Guadalupe, Astrid Bennett, Executive Director, Los Angeles Pregnancy Services and Thomas Rudkins, of Options United. Archbishop Gomez was also joined by mothers, children and two women, Irene Beltran and Estella Piña, who delivered post-abortion testimonials.

The southern California region of the App includes 78 pregnancy centers in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and neighboring dioceses that include the following counties: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial counties. People, pregnancy centers and pro-life resources nationwide are invited to register.

The App was prompted by national statistics reporting about 1.2 million abortions per year. (Source: Guttmacher Institute.) In Southern California, about 220 abortions happen daily.

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